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Luise Ross Gallery

Sculptor, draftsman, painter; these are all labels that could apply to artist David Dunlap. However to try and specify him as such would be to miss the point. His work is an extension and reflection of his life, and his humble pursuit of the celebration and mystery that is offered within. Dunlap's work is a record of his train of thought, sometimes meandering, but always filled with a sense of adventure and wonder.

Through exquisite ballpoint pen on paper drawings, paintings on clothing, flags of imaginary countries, and delicate daily drawings and notations, Dunlap creates an organic assemblage, intuitively presented in an all-encompassing installation. Viewers will delight as they are invited to share in the wonder Dunlap has for the world he inhabits.

Mr. Dunlap was for many years on the faculty of the University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA. In more recent years he has fostered a collaborative and engaged community of art making.

Adventure and wonder await you!

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