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Luise Ross Gallery

Luise Ross Gallery's over thirty year commitment to exhibiting and championing the work of outsider artists continues in our current exhibition, Art Bruts and Beasts. These artists convey their fixations and passions with wit, intensity and clarity.

Michel Nedjar's paintings and sculptures evoke a sense of the sacred and profane, imagining the human figure beyond gender and personal identity. His monolithic figures on paper are inspired by childhood trauma, the horrors of the holocaust, and the art he experienced in his world travels, which left an indelible mark on his psyche. The artist's shamanistic and totemic dolls, or poupees, coming from the same wellspring of inspiration, move the viewer with their profound angst.

Playful interactions between man and beast are found in the work of Bill Traylor, Mose Tolliver, Justin McCarthy, and Jon Serl. Their human characters are confounded by the animals they chase and that sometimes chase them.

Minnie Evans, Gayleen Aiken and J.B. Murray apply a delicate touch in their works on paper. Evans' abstract landscape with face and wings holds traces of her religious fervor, as well as the North Carolina coast at sunrise. Gayleen Aiken vividly depicts the Vermont landscape where she lived, and J.B. Murry creates a personal visual glossolalia in his ink drawings.

Celestial inspiration can be found in William Fields' colored pencil drawing, as well as Howard Finster's Plexi box, which is covered in psalms and people falling to, or rising above a fiery hell.

Art Bruts and Beasts is a wide-ranging survey of outsider art, sometimes brutish, sometimes beastly, but always brilliant.

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