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Luise Ross Gallery

Luise Ross Gallery, after 34 years of exhibiting extraordinary art, is closing 31 May 2017. The gallery was founded on a passion for the work of Southern artists Walter Anderson and Bill Traylor. It has heartened me to see the interest and enthusiasm for these two diverse artists grow over the past 34 years.

My involvement with Bill Traylor's paintings and drawings was the start of a long appreciation for his work, and that of other self-taught artists. Over the years we have shown Gayleen Aiken, Anselme Boix-Vives, Thomas Burleson, Pierre Carbonel, Thornton Dial, Tyyne Esko, Minnie Evans, William Fields, Victor Joseph Gatto, Albert Hoffman, Lonnie Holley, Rev. McKendree Long, Justin McCarthy, Louis Monza, Jean-Pierre Nadau, Michel Nedjar, Marzie Nejad, Jeroen Pomp, Violetta Raditz, Jose Rivera, Samuel Rothbort, and David Zeldis.

In addition to the gallery's self-taught exhibitions, we have also been proud to show the work of many great contemporary, trained artists such as Vivian Abrams, John Altoon, Bayard, Willie Birch, Robert Birmelin, Charles Burchfield, Herman Cherry, John Dilg, Arthur Dove, David Dunlap, Kaffe Fassett, Glenn Goldberg, Gail Gregg, Paul H-O, Susanna Heller, Marcy Hermansader, John Himmelfarb, Gudjon Ketilsson, Edward Koren, Gudrun Kristjansdottir, Alun Leach-Jones, Steve Lovi, Charles Luce, Michael Madore, China Marks, George McNeil, Thomas Lyon Mills, John Morse, Jim Napierala, Gladys Nilsson, Ferdinand Pleines, Leo Rabkin, Frank Rivera, Pete Schulte, Genevieve Seille, Edward Shalala, Tony Siani, Kimber Smith, Malcolm Mobutu Smith, TL Solien, John Thompson, Michael Torlen, Nahum Tschacbasov, Serge Vollin, Pamela Wye, and Hai Zhang.

These are only some of the artists we have had the privilege of working with over the years.

Thank you for your camaraderie, friendship, and interest. Most of all, thank you for looking at the work of the significant artists with whom we've been associated. Don't forget us - we certainly will never forget you!

Mars might be even on our horizon!

We are ending our 34 year history with an exhibition of schematic drawings by Icelandic artist Bjarni Thorarinsson. Using words and sounds as visual tools, he creates structures and patterns. The delicate drawings take on a visual cadence or rhythm, like poetry.

Come see this show, and come to Luise Ross Gallery for the last time!

-All the best from Luise and Barbara.

Bjarni Thorarinsson (Icelandic, b. 1947)
Bjarni Thorarinsson's artistic creation all stems from a vision he had in 1988. Not a religious experience, but an eureka moment that led him to create Visiology. Through this process of his own invention, he attempts to show the architecture of the universe, and the interconnectedness of everything. Using words and sounds as visual tools, he creates structure and patterns, the work taking on a visual cadence or rhythm, like poetry. While his drawings do not contain pragmatic information, they are intended to connect the viewer with the totality and unity of existence.

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